Looking Back at 2016 Goals and Forward at 2017 Goals

My one goal for 2016 was to run 1000 miles and by July I was on the right track until I got pregnant and had to take close to three months off of running due to round the clock nausea. By the end of October I started to get back into my running (more like walk/run) routine and it looks like I will be finishing the year at a hair under 650 miles. Which is more than I ran last year – so yay!!

Now for 2017 – in a few months my life will be changing in ways I cannot even begin to fathom. It is difficult for me to pick any goal pertaining to speed, distance, or racing. My only goal/wish/dream is to continue my running routine in the healthiest and sanest way possible. Of course I have future races dancing around in my head that I would like to accomplish – but I’m changing my perspective to focus on my new addition – who I will be meeting very soon.

A healthy mom is a happy mom – and I know lifelong fitness is important to maintain. I’m grateful to enjoy running and I hope to keep it up in the coming year.


2016 Running Goals

1000 miles

That’s my one and only goal for 2016. No race PR’s or marathons (although if I get the inclination to register for a full marathon – I might go ahead and do it)

Why this goal? While I definitely hope to increase my speed and achieve PR’s I didn’t want to lose sight of the reason I run – for my physical and mental health.

I will probably never place in a race. The day I can consistently maintain an eleven minute pace will be a HUGE achievement for me. I am not athletic by nature. The cliche “last kid picked for the team”. Some might read these as excuses, but life is long and my ultimate running goal is to be able to keep doing it for as long as I possibly can. If that means I’m a turtle, than I’m ok with that – at least I’m on the pavement.

Running has made such a positive impact on me – both mentally and physically. I’d love to see how doubling the miles I run will benefit me. For the record, I logged 556 miles in 2015.


January is almost over and as of today I have run 85.71 miles this month alone. Increasing my mileage hasn’t been too difficult. My 2015 running schedule consisted of two weeknight runs and one weekend long run. My current schedule adds two “lunch break” short runs and one more short run on the weekend – so I am running an average of 5-6 days a week versus 3 days. It might be double the miles, but it hasn’t eaten into my schedule.

I ran a 15k the first weekend in January (recap to come) and I have a half in a little over two weeks.


2015 Mid Year Goal Check In

At the start of this year, I listed my running goals for 2015.

Here is my current status on each of those goals:

  • Half marathon in March – My next half marathon will be taking place in March. My goal is to finish in under 3:15.

Achieved – I finished the Rock’n’Roll San Francisco Half Marathon in 2:40:51.

  • Run a sub 3 hour half marathon

Achieved. – Please see above and/or here.

  • Run at least three half marathons in 2015 – I am already signed up for one in March, and I am aiming to run one in May and another in the fall.

In progress. – As I am writing this, I ran one half in March and am registered for another one in September. After that I have only a few more months to run my third half marathon. I am eyeing one taking place in mid-October, but I have not pulled the trigger on registering. This is probably the top of my list of goals I have yet to achieve this year.

  • Run 1000 miles in 2015 – This might seem like a lofty goal, but I know I can do it. I plan on running in at least three half marathons this year. Between that and training, I know it can happen.

In progress (most likely will not be achieved) – I greatly overestimated the mileage I would run this year. I just assumed that if I would be training for three half marathons this year I would easily cover 1000 miles. Not the case. It is Aug 6th and I have run 313 miles this year. If I continue on this track I will probably reach a little over 500.

  • Consistently blog about running and other things – Blogging only about running can kind of be redundant, in my opinion. I would love to have this be a running/lifestyle blog

In progress (doing pretty well in my opinion) – I work a full time job, consider myself somewhat of a private person, and my life isn’t super duper exciting. This blog has had the longest lifespan of any other blog I’ve started and since I have been running consistently and racing pretty frequently – finding inspiration for content has not been too difficult. I still have not shared my blog with family or friends (aside from my husband). My audience mostly is people who have come across my blog on WordPress and from the Team RunDisney group on Facebook. I hope to eventually feel comfortable enough to share my blog with my personal social network, but now is not the best time.

I feel good about where I am right now – running is a hobby I truly enjoy and I love writing about it.

Picking Up the Paces


My running pace is slowly increasing. My most recent weekday 5k run clocked in at an average pace of 12:11 per mile.

My average 2014 Avengers training pace was 14:30 per mile.

I need to credit my fastest 5k to my husband who ran with me and kept me at a brisk clip, we even raced a little towards the end.

Seeing these improvements in my time is so encouraging. It’s part of the reward of maintaining a running routine, and it keeps me going. The thought of one day comfortably holding a ten minute mile feels doesn’t feel like a pipe dream anymore.

RunDisney Dreaming

I am so jealous of everyone who participated in the Walt Disney World Marathon and the Star Wars Half Marathon weekends during the past two weeks. I was hesitant to sign up for another race until after I finished my first half marathon, but now I am kicking myself for not having the foresight to realize that I would become obsessed with RunDisney and want to run all the races.

Le sigh.

For this year: I am trying to coax my husband and our friends to run the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland in September. Let’s see if I can work my magic.

If we don’t do that, then I will definitely do the Rebel Challenge in 2016. Heck, I might even do both.

I think 2016 will be the year of Coast to Coast. I’m not planning on any Florida races for 2015, although…never say never.

What RunDisney races (if any) do you see in your future?

The Only Two Resolutions I Ever Kept

Ahh resolutions, I have attempted so many during my 28 years of living and have only kept two.

The first resolution was for the year 2011. On New Years Day, my husband and I went to IHOP and I drank my coffee black. No sweetener, no milk. From that moment on I resolved to drink my coffees black. Save for the few cappuccinos and lattes I indulge in a few times a year, my regular cups of coffee are always black.

The second resolution was for this past year, 2014. I resolved to run a road race. And I did! I can attribute this succsess to an amazing support system of my husband and friends, in addition to actually signing up for a race. It’s more challenging to give up when you put close to $200 down for a half marathon.

I wish 2015 to be a year full of love, family, and happy moments. I plan to improve on my organization skills and thoughtfulness.

Do you have any resolutions?