2016 Running Goals

1000 miles

That’s my one and only goal for 2016. No race PR’s or marathons (although if I get the inclination to register for a full marathon – I might go ahead and do it)

Why this goal? While I definitely hope to increase my speed and achieve PR’s I didn’t want to lose sight of the reason I run – for my physical and mental health.

I will probably never place in a race. The day I can consistently maintain an eleven minute pace will be a HUGE achievement for me. I am not athletic by nature. The cliche “last kid picked for the team”. Some might read these as excuses, but life is long and my ultimate running goal is to be able to keep doing it for as long as I possibly can. If that means I’m a turtle, than I’m ok with that – at least I’m on the pavement.

Running has made such a positive impact on me – both mentally and physically. I’d love to see how doubling the miles I run will benefit me. For the record, I logged 556 miles in 2015.


January is almost over and as of today I have run 85.71 miles this month alone. Increasing my mileage hasn’t been too difficult. My 2015 running schedule consisted of two weeknight runs and one weekend long run. My current schedule adds two “lunch break” short runs and one more short run on the weekend – so I am running an average of 5-6 days a week versus 3 days. It might be double the miles, but it hasn’t eaten into my schedule.

I ran a 15k the first weekend in January (recap to come) and I have a half in a little over two weeks.



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