2015 Big Gay 10K Recap

I had heard about this race last year, but I think it fell on a weekend I already had something to do.

Anyways….after the Dumbo Double Dare – I went on the website and checked the date and lo and behold: no conflict.

I registered and marked my calendar. I picked up my bib two days before the race – after reading the race instructions – I realized that the finish line would close 90 minutes after the race start.

I was a little nervous about this. My average 10k pace for the most part, has always ended in a time less than 90 minutes – usually ranging from 80-85 minutes. However, one never knows how they feel on a race day, and I could very well have over a 15 minute per mile pace.

Knowing this information – I resolved to try my very best and push myself for this 10k. A great thing about attending a smaller race, is that everyone starts at the same time (unlike other races where the corrals are released in waves) – so I had the full 90 minutes to run the race.

This race was at Golden Gate Park. It was a race themed to the gay community here in SF – produced by the SF Aids Foundation. An absolutely wonderful cause. The spirit of the race was fun – many people wore tutus, tiaras, costumes. I did not dress festive enough, although I was pretty pumped about my new multicolored print hat.

I ran the first mile and a half – and started incorporating 30:30 Galloway intervals after that. It got pretty hot out there – but the race had a lot of great support – encouraging spectators and 4-5 water stops along the course.

I finished in 1:13:22 – with a pace of 11:50 per mile. A PR for my 10k, and my fastest race pace yet.


After the race I grabbed some water, took a post race photo, and grabbed an uber home.

That’s what I love about local races – the normalcy of the remainder of the race day. You get up early, rock a race, come home and get back to normal. No traveling, no touring. There’s some beauty in that.

2015 Dumbo Double Dare Recap – A weekend full of 19.3 miles and more – Part 3

After the half, my husband and I took a nap and headed to the parks later that afternoon.

We decided to start a tradition when it comes to our post-Disneyland race meal. Last year we ate at Cafe Orleans and indulged in a Three Cheese Monte Cristo Sandwich with a side of Pommes Frites. We repeated the occasion. It was Pure. Fried. Heaven.


We spent the rest of the day and night exploring both parks. A priority for our parks visit was to experience both World of Color at California Adventure and the new Paint the Night Parade at Disneyland.

Our first event was World of Color and it was pretty moving for me, but I do have one complaint. As soon as the show started 95% of the park guests took out their smart phones and held them up to video tape. Obstructing nearly everyone’s view. Your shoddy videotape of the show, which you will probably never watch, should not take priority over the people who prefer to experience the show in real time with their own eyes.

After World of Color, we headed over to Disneyland and got a prime viewing location for the parade. I can not begin to put into words how beautiful the Paint the Night parade is. For me, it was almost worth the price of admission.


Once both parks closed, we walked over to the Disneyland hotel to go to Trader Sams. I had heard so much about this bar from various Disney-philes on social media. However, our idea to go to the bar was not an original one as the bar had reached capacity and it was approximately a 30-45 minute wait to get inside. At that point it was past midnight and we were pretty tired, so we decided to head back to the hotel.

In conclusion – It was an amazing trip – filled with quality time together and with our friend, a few fun surprises, and a great race experience.

A few weeks after the race, I was on vacation in Florida and I visited Fit2Run and finally got a gait analysis and got measured for insoles. I bought my first pair of personally selected running shoes. My previous entry level Asics Gel Contends (three different pairs) carried me through my races for the past two years, but I have more goals on the horizon, and I need to be better equipped.

I’m a proud owner of Hoka One One Cliftons.


The Dumbo Double Dare really was a kick in the butt to help me think about my next running ventures.

The Monday after the race, I registered for a 10k taking place in a little over a week – and I registered for my third and final half of 2015.

Running 19.3 miles in two days gave me the crazy idea that I could run 26.2 in one day – and it is on that idea where I am harvesting my 2016 goal of doing the 26.2 – the MARATHON. I am eyeing an early May race, which gives me seven months to train.

The Dumbo Double Dare was my first multi-race challenge – and it definitely was a challenge. Now that I conquered it – I am ready for the new challenges that lay ahead.