2015 Bay to Breakers recap – my first 12k

On May 17, 2015 – I ran the oldest continuous footrace in the US – Bay to Breakers.


This race is essentially a party across San Francisco – people dress up in crazy costumes, or they wear nothing at all. It is definitely not a race to run for time as a lot of people walk, and some people “crash” the race at certain points along the course.

My husband and I reused are “costumes” from our last Avengers half marathon.

I seriously love running through San Francisco – especially during a race when the streets are closed. SF is a pretty small city and when you are running and no stop lights are involved – you go from neighborhood to neighborhood pretty quickly.

I finished the race in 1:37:02 with a 13:01 pace. Not too bad for this slow runner’s fun run.

Next up (officially) is the Dumbo Double Dare but I am pretty close to signing up for another half marathon at the end of July.