The Joy of Not Training for a Long Race

Shout out to Ashley at Fiddle Dee Me, who inspired me to write this post based on a recent post of hers.

I signed up for my second half marathon immediately after I finished my first. The three months before my second half were filled with numerous weekends of long runs – sometimes lasting 2+ hours (I’m a slow poke, remember?). I had to plan a lot of the weekend in advance – early Saturday morning wake ups, or at least devote an entire morning/early afternoon to running and recovery.

I have my Dumbo Double Dare (10k + half) taking place in September, but I was intending to sign up for another half taking place at the end of May. I’ve decided not to do it

Why? Because it is a treat to have my long run be 6-7 miles. It’s a treat not to have the weight of 13.1 miles hanging on my shoulders. It also allows me some time to work on increasing my pace. I haven’t done speed work in a while. I would love to run a 30 minute 5k one day.

I have a 12k in a month – and I’m super excited about it. I don’t have a goal time. The time limit is very generous due to the race being walker friendly – I just want to enjoy the course and savor in the post race festivities.

I’m eyeing a half at the end of July, but life might get in the way, and that’s ok. I still have my half in September and maybe I will do another half in the fall so I can achieve my goal of three half marathons in 2015.

I started my running journey with the goal of completing a half marathon – it’s nice to step back and savor the miles under that.