The Bad Runs Are Still Good

Sometimes I feel like I speak too soon. Shortly after writing about one of my fastest runs, I follow it up by experiencing a slower run.

My 9 mile weekend long run was a tough one. I woke up the morning of with a stuffy nose and a sinus headache. After a leisurely morning filled with Tylenol, Advil, Coffee, and breakfast, I started to come around and feel better.

This weekend has been pretty rainy in San Francisco, but Saturday morning was experiencing a rain free moment. It was a good time to start the run.

Even though it wasn’t raining, the humidity was high and my body felt it. The majority of those nine miles were tough. However I bit my tongue and completed my miles.

In the past, I might have labeled this run as a setback, but I am slowly realizing that every run is an opportunity to grow. This run was a great opportunity to experience non-ideal weather and non-ideal feelings. Sure, every run would be great to complete after a night of great sleep and during perfect weather, but that’s not real life, and the more non-perfect runs I have, the more I am training myself to be able to maintain my running routine at any situation — rain, heat, snow, bad nights of sleep, etc.

I am starting to realize that there is no such thing as “mastering” running. Just because you have ran xx number of miles in the past, does not mean any run less than xx miles will be easy. Each run is its own animal, and it’s dependent on many things including your body, your mind, and the elements. I suppose that’s what is beautiful about the sport — there’s always a challenge around the corner.

Picking Up the Paces


My running pace is slowly increasing. My most recent weekday 5k run clocked in at an average pace of 12:11 per mile.

My average 2014 Avengers training pace was 14:30 per mile.

I need to credit my fastest 5k to my husband who ran with me and kept me at a brisk clip, we even raced a little towards the end.

Seeing these improvements in my time is so encouraging. It’s part of the reward of maintaining a running routine, and it keeps me going. The thought of one day comfortably holding a ten minute mile feels doesn’t feel like a pipe dream anymore.